Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A history lesson on Knoll at work

So this afternoon at work we had our "state of the company" speech. It was interesting to see what the other departments have been working on and what more they plan to do. One of the heads mentioned how well our cook books have been doing. Which got me thinking that they should really do more with decorating/home design, maybe going as far as knitting and sewing instructional books. He mentioned Nell Hill, who owns a homestore in KC. Not really my style but it's cool that my company has delved into books on interior design. He also mentioned that they were looking for their next Nell Hill ( and that if we had any suggestions of people with a story like her's that owned their own little design stores etc we should let him know. I've read a ton of blogs by ladies who are so amazingly creative and cool with beautiful houses to boot that would be perfect and should be featured and be the subject of their own book. I think maybe my next big move within the company will be into the book group, I mean at least I'd like it to happen.

Also, we are moving into an old building currently under renovation downtown, very close to the new power and light district. So they spent a long while showing us all their design choices. That was awesome. They are going with Knoll furniture, all very modern of course. Saarnien chairs! A Bertoia table set. A beautiful Florence Knoll couch and chair set for the waiting area that I am completley coveting. The person giving the briefing even gave a little history on the Knoll company so it was really interesting.

Here is the Florence Knoll sofa.

And this is what our office will kind of look like:

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