Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just bought these on parents will be bringing them to me, from Omaha, on like July 13th.

I'm currently bidding on this couch. I was hesitant at first, because of the picture quality, but this is the first cool couch to go up on ebay, in the KC area in a super long time. Plus it's a two piece, so it should fit in the hatch back in two trips.

I've also got my eye on these two pieces, both of which are in Omaha. Omaha is like 180 miles away. If I can get them for a steal, I'd do it. There are no reserves set, they're both from the same seller and they end in 5 days. Maybe Adam and I could make a trip of it, and go to the Old Market, catch a rock show etc. I have relatives there so I could even stop in and see them.

They're both at .99. If I can get the tulip table for cheap then I'll do it and try to get the coffee table too. But I won't make the trip just for the coffee table.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I found some cute fiberglass, eames era chairs on craigslist earlier this week. They were $125 for 4. Or 6 for $150. The guy was firm about the price. I don't know, more than $100 just doesn't seem like a deal. In the grand scheme of things $31 a chair doesn't sound too bad, I suppose, but I'm a bargain hunter dammit. Here they be:

And I thought they'd be great with this Saarinen knock-off, from Ikea:

The nearest Ikea is like 8 hours away. But when I finally buy a house in the near future, my parents can bring it up from Dallas. Speaking of my parents, they're driving from Dallas to Omaha and then into KC to see me. I might get a couple small things off ebay from a seller in Omaha and have them pick them up and bring them over. Two fiberglass chairs and a coffee table.

I hit up two garage sales and this store's "estate sale" and got some sweet stuff. Photos to follow, when I can be arsed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flowers. It's about time!

We started the day off with some home cookin'. Of course, not cooked by us. We went to Skillet Licker, a cute little cafe that feels very small town. They have delicious little donut holes with a variety of frostings to dip in. I had B&G and it was delicious. Prices are good too. We went there because they got a good review on The Walt Bodine Show yesterday.

Then we went to the city market and I finally got my flowers. They have the best flowers there and quite a few vendors. They're all so fresh and pretty and cheap as well. I looked at Home Depot and Ace Hardware last week and their flowers were all dying. I spent $5.50 and got two different kinds. I don't know much about flowers so I don't know what kind they are off the top of my head. I need to get some more pots though. I think I even overcrowded. Hopefully that won't kill them..but just in case I might replant some in another pot.

Friday, June 20, 2008

House Hunting update.

So I've been house hunting since sometime in March. To date, I've made two offers and one back up offer. The back up offer was cancelled when I put in my last offer last weekend. And ta da, I still don't have a house. The one I made a back up offer on still hasn't closed and it's been over a's to hoping that the damn investor who put in the accepted offer doesn't have financing or something, because it was the most perfect house. Nice and big. Updated. Foreclosure. A steal. Sigh.

I have a new realtor. My last was good sometimes, bad other times. Not to mention the fact she referred to me as 'kiddo'. WTF? I'm your damn client, not your child. She didn't even know how old I was anyway. I mean I never told her. I looked at another house with a different agent on Wed and she seems better than the last. Sadly, that house had 7 foot ceilings. Not exactly the bright and open house I had in mind. Great location though.

On a good/bad note. The market in KC is in an upswing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More More More!

I got to this danish-looking chair at garage sale a little late and it had already ended. They had free stuff at the curb, including this chair. It's funny, because they posted pics of some of the items from their garage sale on their ad on craigslist and this chair was in the picture. I had my eye on it all along and ended up getting it for FREE. Awesome. The upholstery is weird. It feels like vinyl or something. It's in pretty good condition but I don't really like the color.

Got this vintage, orange desk chair for FREE from a garage sale.

Educational bird flash cards. These are lovely and from the 60's or so. I don't know what to do with them, maybe frame them? Fifty cents from a garage sale. There are soooo many of them too, and all in color!

Vintage planters, about $4 each from vintage warehouse. I'm going to the farmers market today to get some pretty flowers for them!

Deer lamp from ebay for about $10. I painted it aqua. It had been brown...painted to look 'realistic', vomit.

Another purchase from that vintage warehouse. I think it was about $4.

I really like the frame. I painted it white though. It's a piece of silk with a bird embroidered on it. I bought two of these, each with a different bird, for about $6.00 at a garage sale.

Continuation of the post below.

Recent acquistions!

Here's a pic post of some of the little knick-knacks I've acquired lately. I missed a couple of things so I'll go back and add them later.

Set of two framed, and matted, bird prints. $20 with shipping included from ebay.

Set of 6 frosted glasses with a random ranch house on them. $4.50 from this vintage store/warehouse that is only open once a month but has good prices on most everything.

Sweet velvet painting from garage sale for $1.50. I think my cat has been sharpening her claws on this.

Decoupage small art piece for like fifty cents or a dollar.

A classy plaque type thing for I don't remember what at a garage sale. Adam really wanted this. I don't know what we're going to do with it. They had a lot of these things at this garage sale.

A vintage Esquire Host book. Fifty cents, garage sale.

I don't know if it's an ashtray or just a serving plate or something. Fifty cents at a garage sale.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A history lesson on Knoll at work

So this afternoon at work we had our "state of the company" speech. It was interesting to see what the other departments have been working on and what more they plan to do. One of the heads mentioned how well our cook books have been doing. Which got me thinking that they should really do more with decorating/home design, maybe going as far as knitting and sewing instructional books. He mentioned Nell Hill, who owns a homestore in KC. Not really my style but it's cool that my company has delved into books on interior design. He also mentioned that they were looking for their next Nell Hill ( and that if we had any suggestions of people with a story like her's that owned their own little design stores etc we should let him know. I've read a ton of blogs by ladies who are so amazingly creative and cool with beautiful houses to boot that would be perfect and should be featured and be the subject of their own book. I think maybe my next big move within the company will be into the book group, I mean at least I'd like it to happen.

Also, we are moving into an old building currently under renovation downtown, very close to the new power and light district. So they spent a long while showing us all their design choices. That was awesome. They are going with Knoll furniture, all very modern of course. Saarnien chairs! A Bertoia table set. A beautiful Florence Knoll couch and chair set for the waiting area that I am completley coveting. The person giving the briefing even gave a little history on the Knoll company so it was really interesting.

Here is the Florence Knoll sofa.

And this is what our office will kind of look like: