Sunday, August 24, 2008

i'm no longer a virgin.

A property virgin, that is. Hah, I slay myself. Congratulations to me. I closed on Friday.

The honeymoon period lasted for about 5 minutes. I then proceeded to have the weekend from hell. This included: my first migraine complete with flashing lights in my left eye, pounding headache and vomiting galore. I christened my new kitchen sink. Cable and internet 'accidentally' disconected by cable company at my apt. They should have dced white trash' but did our's instead. A giant 2 foot in girth branch falling, almost hitting my car at our apt and causing sparks and half the power at the building to go out. Adam and I fought all weekend until my migraine brought us together again. Aww. Small part of my macbook somehow got cracked. White trash left bottles and cans and cig butts strewn about. I threw bottles and cans back onto their porch and considered emptying my vomit bucket on their porch too. White trash' white trash friends or the power company truck ran over my freecycle food I had put out by the curb and it's all strewn about the street, completely ruined. Damn, you try to do something nice and help the less fortunate...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Every so often bf drags me into a local comic shop. I can occupy myself with comics for about three minutes but thankfully the next two mins I'm able to occupy myself with the awesome architectural details of the 100 year old-ish building the shop is in. Amazingly tall ceilings. Maybe 20 feet high? Gigantic, beautiful crown molding. Original vintage tile floors. I snapped a few pictures of the tile, to keep in mind for my new bathroom. Here's the best one. My new profile photo is the tile floor there as well. Last time we were in there I asked bf if he'd live there, if it was empty and for rent as a residence or something. You know, a hypothetical like I'm so fond of. Of course he said no. He obviously does not have an eye for design. Hmmph.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My new house.

So I'm buying a house. Hopefully. Closing on August 18th. A little one story, three-ish bedroom, 2 full bath bungalow. I just have to get my financing straightened out.

Of course I've been mentally decorating the place for weeks. I'm rethinking wallpapering. There are some really cool wallpapers out and it could make a great statement on a single wall in the dining room or in the bathroom or kitchen. Not too overwhelming, mind you. It might be cool to wallpaper the kitchen since A) there wouldn't be that much wall space to paper and B) it probably would be less time consuming then painting (well actually, I have no idea) and C) since it is a smaller room it shouldn't be too terribly expensive.
Here is my kitchen:

It already has some very small print wallpaper up. The backsplash has a line of dark blue tile. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Subway tile would be my preference. I want to paint the cabinets. I don't know for sure what color though. The countertops are white so I don't know if white cabinets and white counter tops would look okay together. Ultimately, I'd prefer stainless steel appliances or even vintage/retro appliances.

I think my house is going to have quite an eclectic feel to it. Recently I thought my design style was retro cottage but now it's that plus modern. Retro-modern, cottage?

Here are some awesome wallpapers from

So the first three would look good in bathroom #1 and the 2nd three for the kitchen.
Oh here is a picture of the bathroom:

Yes, that awful 'tile' is coming out. A small hexagon tile would be ideal, if nothing else then some black and white checkerboard vinyl.