Friday, June 20, 2008

House Hunting update.

So I've been house hunting since sometime in March. To date, I've made two offers and one back up offer. The back up offer was cancelled when I put in my last offer last weekend. And ta da, I still don't have a house. The one I made a back up offer on still hasn't closed and it's been over a's to hoping that the damn investor who put in the accepted offer doesn't have financing or something, because it was the most perfect house. Nice and big. Updated. Foreclosure. A steal. Sigh.

I have a new realtor. My last was good sometimes, bad other times. Not to mention the fact she referred to me as 'kiddo'. WTF? I'm your damn client, not your child. She didn't even know how old I was anyway. I mean I never told her. I looked at another house with a different agent on Wed and she seems better than the last. Sadly, that house had 7 foot ceilings. Not exactly the bright and open house I had in mind. Great location though.

On a good/bad note. The market in KC is in an upswing.

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