Saturday, June 28, 2008


I found some cute fiberglass, eames era chairs on craigslist earlier this week. They were $125 for 4. Or 6 for $150. The guy was firm about the price. I don't know, more than $100 just doesn't seem like a deal. In the grand scheme of things $31 a chair doesn't sound too bad, I suppose, but I'm a bargain hunter dammit. Here they be:

And I thought they'd be great with this Saarinen knock-off, from Ikea:

The nearest Ikea is like 8 hours away. But when I finally buy a house in the near future, my parents can bring it up from Dallas. Speaking of my parents, they're driving from Dallas to Omaha and then into KC to see me. I might get a couple small things off ebay from a seller in Omaha and have them pick them up and bring them over. Two fiberglass chairs and a coffee table.

I hit up two garage sales and this store's "estate sale" and got some sweet stuff. Photos to follow, when I can be arsed.

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