Thursday, May 29, 2008

Urban Outfitters Couches

So I had two cancelled flights and then a delayed one at Dallas Love Field on Tuesday. I had some time to kill (a lot, actually) so I boldly jumped on a bus and took it to Mockingbird Station (after confirming with a friend that Mockingbird Station was a shopping area). At MS they had a lot of little shops, Ann Taylor Loft, Starbucks, a paper store, Gap, Urban Outfitters etc. I went into UO and they had all the couches (most) from their website on display! It was great because I've been thinking of getting one from there once I move and have some money to spend but I was afraid it'd be a crappy quality. These all seemed nice and structurally sound. I paid particular attention to the convertible mid-century-esque model.

$480...I think I might go for it. Too bad about the $115 shipping fee. I wonder if it comes assembled? It was nice and big but Macy's has some pretty sweet couches too, that are around $700. And a lot of the time you can find 10 or 20% off Macy's coupons online, plus free delivery maybe? Or at least local pick up.

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