Sunday, June 15, 2008

More More More!

I got to this danish-looking chair at garage sale a little late and it had already ended. They had free stuff at the curb, including this chair. It's funny, because they posted pics of some of the items from their garage sale on their ad on craigslist and this chair was in the picture. I had my eye on it all along and ended up getting it for FREE. Awesome. The upholstery is weird. It feels like vinyl or something. It's in pretty good condition but I don't really like the color.

Got this vintage, orange desk chair for FREE from a garage sale.

Educational bird flash cards. These are lovely and from the 60's or so. I don't know what to do with them, maybe frame them? Fifty cents from a garage sale. There are soooo many of them too, and all in color!

Vintage planters, about $4 each from vintage warehouse. I'm going to the farmers market today to get some pretty flowers for them!

Deer lamp from ebay for about $10. I painted it aqua. It had been brown...painted to look 'realistic', vomit.

Another purchase from that vintage warehouse. I think it was about $4.

I really like the frame. I painted it white though. It's a piece of silk with a bird embroidered on it. I bought two of these, each with a different bird, for about $6.00 at a garage sale.

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