Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uh. So busy. I love the holidays but dread the week leading up to them. I've done an extra 2.5 hours this week, roughly, and I think it will count as overtime. Plus I brought some work home. I have about 130 comic pages to proof. It shouldn't take more than an hour though, because I'm a quick checker. And 75% of the content on each page is the same all across the board. Shop talk. Enough.

I wanted to get some of the cupboards in order, which means I need to finish painting what I'm in the middle of. I don't want the kitchen to still be in shambles when we make Thanksgiving dinner or I will lose my mind. Wednesday will go towards straightening up the house. Tonight we need to do the shopping for Thanksgiving just so we aren't literally waiting to the very last possible minute. I want to keep the cooking fresh and homemade and I dread that by the time we get there, all that will be left is stove top stuffing and instant mashed potatoes. Oh and a pressed meat turkey breast. Yuck.

On the way home I passed the TV station. They are doing some sort of lighting ceremony tonight so there were loads of little kids dressed in Christmas garb/Christmas related costumes. Aww bless. So cute.

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