Monday, November 17, 2008

Super cheap kitchen redo

So I'm updating my kitchen a bit. No new appliances or anything like that. Just some painting, new hardware and some cute accessories. Here is my inspiration board.

1. Wading Pool- a la the Walmart Collection - $10/gallon
2. Milk Blue Chalaine Glass Cabinet Drawer Knobs $3.50/each; pulls are $6.50 each (ebay)
3. My cabinets basically look like this but are a cheap wood laminate. I will be painting them white and taking the doors off some for open cabinetry.
4. Tile. $10/each from ebay. I have one random 'inspirational' tile in the backsplash. I'd like to replace it with something like this or something a bit more sophisticated.
5. Food themed prints from $6/each
6. I have 4x4 white tiles in the backsplash. Pretty plain. I'd like to maybe paint them these colors.

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