Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On the hunt for chic eyeglasses

My newest search? Cool eyeglasses. I had my eyes rechecked at the beginning of October. My health insurance through work is kind of ehh in the eyeglasses realm. If I got them from eyemasters they'd still be about $130 plus tax, lenses included. That's pretty dang expensive considering I want more than one pair. I'm picky too. I've tried lots of frames on. I want plastic frames, maybe red in color. I want them to be medium to large sized but it seems all the stores have are small frames which make my face look even bigger and that's not my goal here. Walmart had some on the big side I really liked. They're really cheap, only about $60 for the frames only. My insurance isn't accepted there so I'd get about 10% off for that reason. Lenses are like $80 or something there, I don't remember. I then turned my search to ebay. I was hesitant, obviously, because you can't try anything on. But I won a pair of cheap vintage cats eyes and they were less than $10. Here they are:

And then I found some other more modern cat's eyes and I won them too. The guy selling them also was able to put prescription lenses in them and so, as of Monday, I'm the proud owner of a sweet pair of $40 glasses. Awesome. They pretty much look like my old glasses but I guess it makes sense why I was drawn to them.

Of course I can't just stop here. I'm bidding on another pair of eyeglasses on ebay and I might end up getting the walmart ones too. I can't resist. I might get the guy on ebay to throw some lenses into one of the vintage pairs as well.

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