Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look who's back, back again....

Well, it's been a while. I've been reading a lot of AT lately which has led me to other design oriented blogs. So here I am again. Plus, I'm now looking to purchase a house (the sooner the better- I hate my neighbors!) so I'll have more to post about. I'm very excited. I love checking out all the listings on the MLS database and craigslist etc. I'm even acquiring stuff to put in my future home. Via ebay, mostly. It's most convenient. And, I've been going to the local Salvation Army pretty frequently, picking up vintage dresses on half price day. I then list those on ebay and use the profits to buy tchotskes (sp?). They never seem to have anything good for the home. It's in a pretty ghetto area downtown and so not many "hipsters" or design enthusiasts venture down that way but I'm just not really seeing any cool furniture down there, but who knows.

This is what I've won on Ebay in the past few days. I'm still waiting for them to arrive and they feed my Audubon/vintage addiction:

Two framed and matted, 17x13 bird prints. $9.99 plus $10 shipping

Vintage sheet music for framing. $5.

10 Arthur Singer prints for $10.

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