Sunday, August 24, 2008

i'm no longer a virgin.

A property virgin, that is. Hah, I slay myself. Congratulations to me. I closed on Friday.

The honeymoon period lasted for about 5 minutes. I then proceeded to have the weekend from hell. This included: my first migraine complete with flashing lights in my left eye, pounding headache and vomiting galore. I christened my new kitchen sink. Cable and internet 'accidentally' disconected by cable company at my apt. They should have dced white trash' but did our's instead. A giant 2 foot in girth branch falling, almost hitting my car at our apt and causing sparks and half the power at the building to go out. Adam and I fought all weekend until my migraine brought us together again. Aww. Small part of my macbook somehow got cracked. White trash left bottles and cans and cig butts strewn about. I threw bottles and cans back onto their porch and considered emptying my vomit bucket on their porch too. White trash' white trash friends or the power company truck ran over my freecycle food I had put out by the curb and it's all strewn about the street, completely ruined. Damn, you try to do something nice and help the less fortunate...

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