Monday, December 15, 2008

The kitchen redo

Well...things are progressing in the kitchen much slower than I would like. I've just been lazy, is all...and I feel like I have no room to spread out so that I can paint the cabinet doors. I've basically only done the open shelving...sanded, primed and painted. I haven't done the sealant coat. And I'm not totally finished painting the right side open shelving. I've painted the cabinets over the stove and adjacent to it, but not the doors. Well, one or two doors have been painted. And I can't put the doors on until I decide about hardware. I don't know if I should spray paint all the hinges with a pewter finish or what. Anybody want to weigh in on this? Should I just try to buy new hinges? Would that be a big hassle? Can I get by with spray paint? And I haven't ordered any knobs or is a little tight now...My mom and brother want to come visit me at the beginning of January so I'd like to have it finished then.

Oh! And of course I've done most of the painting of the walls in the kitchen. I love the color. It's so pretty. But I haven't painted the wall behind the fridge.

Here is a picture of the kitchen I took the very first time I saw the house.
And here is a picture showing the wall color and the finished open cabinet (I'm leaving the doors off)
The wall color is a bit washed out's actually more similar to the bowl on the middle shelf (on the left).

Any opinions for the color of knobs/pulls I should put on the finished cabinets? All of the cabinets will be painted white.


Ashley said...

I do like wordpress and no you don't have to know html. I also have a blogspot account with the same title as my wordpress account. Was planning on switching over but never made it happen, so I may use the blogspot account as my POTD blog.

Queen T said...

great redo! i plan on redoing my cabinets over the holiday season...just like yours. can you share more details about the reno? are you doing it all by yourself? did you sand the laminate too or just prime it? did you sand the insides of the cabinets and shelves? what products have you found the most helpful? Thanks!

thelady said...

any of the green knobs would look great