Monday, December 29, 2008

I spent the last 5 days visiting the fam in Texas. I received some nice gifts. My sister gave me a bunch of owl themed items- kitchen towels, wash cloths, soap dispenser, night light, pot holder etc. I also got to pick out a lot of bedding- a quilt, 2 blankets, pillow cases, 2 sets of sheets (big sales at belks!). I couldn't fit everything in my suitcase so when my mom and brother come to visit in a few weeks everything will be here including my new ikea ceiling lights! We don't have an Ikea in KC so my mom and I went on Saturday and it was insanely crowded. It was worth the trip because I scored three of these lights:
They were only $5 a piece- marked down from $25. Sweet! They're going to replace each of my three ceiling fans (bedroom, craft room, dining room). I might try and spray paint them too. I also got a picture frame and a pretty throw that was $10, down from $20.

I'm going to start painting my cabinets again so Queen T, per your request, I'll do a more detailed explanation of the cabinet painting process, and yes I'm doing everything myself so it's taking an extra long time!

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Ashley said...

Yo, chica...just wanted to stop by and say hi.

I wrote to Ikea a few months ago...I want one in KC.