Sunday, July 13, 2008

My sweet "new" couch that left me in pain for three days

So I won the couch I previously posted about. Ebay. No one else even bid on it so I got it for $50. Probably because there was pretty much no description and just a crappy cell phone picture. When I went to pick it up I was actually kind of pleasantly surprised. Instead of a seafoam green a la the cell phone pic, it was a deep emerald green, with an olive-golden green brocade. And also much larger than I expected. I kind of thought I could take one half at a time in my little suzuki hatchback. No fucking way. After attempting to find someone to pick it up for me and carry it into my apartment (my weakling/ill boyfriend put his foot down here) on craigslist I remembered my friend Ashley had a truck. Albeit a small one. I felt kinda bad about asking for her assistance, since I hadn't seen her in a over a year. She happened to have a day off so she agreed and I sweetened the deal with gas money etc.

So we got to the crappy, smelly apartment building and were unpleasantly surprised to find that the couch resided on the third floor. So Ashley carried the couch cushions (way to earn that money, girl!) and the little red headed, 120 pound (male) seller and I, carried it down to the car. Twice, mind you, since it was a two piece couch. My arms were burning and numb by the time we got the first half down. I was trying to pull my pants up and couldn't grasp onto my waistband. I couldn't make a fist. It was fucking torture. And plus I was on the back end, meaning I had to hunch down to carry it down three flights. So immediately after, my back hurt and it got worse over the next couple days. Not to mention my arms and legs. From now on I'm leaving that shit to the professionals.

Ashley and I brought it into the first level of my apartment, which is essentially just where the door to the basement and the stairs up into our apartment are. It needs to be cleaned and defumigated (smokers). I'm leaving it down there til we move. Anyways, here it is. shoved up against the wall on the first level.

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