Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post numero uno

This is my first post! I originally made the blog in November and have since deleted it and decided to start fresh. First, a little about me. I'm 23 and live in Kansas City, Missouri with my boyfriend, Adam, my cat, Cornbread, and our mini dachshund, Hashbrown. We live in the top floor of a duplex of a nearly 100 year old building. The apartment is pretty large- it has 2 small bedrooms, a craft room, a large dining room and an average size living room and a pretty spacious kitchen. The fixtures and appliances are all pretty old school, the apartment hasn't been updated that much, retaining all it's original character and grandeur. We even have a large staircase in the apartment that leads down to our front door and the shared basement. There is a large balcony on the front of the duplex but we really never spent much time there because we are on a very busy road and the traffic is constant. There is a back balcony that leads down to where we park our cars. As soon as I can find my camera cord I want to post some photos. I'm also very excited because I'm getting a Nikon D40 on Tuesday! My first DSLR, I've been wanting one since forever. A little more about me....let's see, I work for a newspaper syndicate (and publishing house)- it's a fun job, and I get to take home free books and calendars all the time. I'm going to make another post in a minute. This will do for now.

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