Sunday, January 27, 2008

I bought a table!

So I decided to visit another huge antique mall. I moved through it pretty quickly, as I was keeping my eye on the prize. I saw a pretty neat red and white metal table with leaves and 4 chairs. It was $75 plus the store was having a 15% off everything sale. It would have required two trips, at least, and even then the table might not have fit in my car. I have a suzuki reno, which is a hatchback and the seats fold down. Also the chairs were not super cute and most needed the vinyl repaired. In the same booth I found a good size gray dinette table for only $25. A little while later I found the cutest mid-century modern, blonde wood desk. It was $45. It's very girly looking, I love it. I decided I would forgo the teal table at the other store and instead get these two things. I was able to get the table in my car and I have to go back and get the desk...tomorrow maybe. It will look great in my craft room/studio...Now all I have to do is get rid of my old craft table and the dining room table...

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