Monday, September 14, 2009

Wildlife in the City

I was so proud of my two tomato plants yesterday. The first one, that I got at Lowes, had like 8 tomatoes on it, 4 of which were red. I even took a photo yesterday and sent it to my mom in Texas, where I guess tomatoes don't grow as well.

Anyways, last night we had a little scare. Around 2 AM (yes, I'm a night owl) I turned the porch light out to get ready for bed and I heard rustling right outside the front door. Our trash can was on the porch because I was cleaning the house earlier and throwing lots of things away (food included). I stopped in my tracks and listened then went running through the house to my boyfriend and told him it sounded like someone was going through our trash right on the porch. I thought maybe some late night scavenger, with bad taste, really wanted my mini-blinds that I had thrown away earlier.

We flipped the lights on again, he grabbed a knife and opened the door and quickly shut it. "Well I know what was making all that noise...a possum." Eww. Actually I've seen quite a few giant possums around here and in all parts of KC I have lived in:Hyde Park, Westport and now the Plaza area. I've also seen a raccoon on my street. Eventually the possum got tired and couldn't find anything worthwhile in the trash so he decided to have a feast of my tomatoes.

Long story short, he bit into two of them. I knew he was going for them last night when he made a right off the porch. But I was powerless to stop him for fear he would bite me and give me rabies. We once had a possum come out in the daytime and climb up the stairs to our porch at my parents' house in Galveston, TX. I poked him with a broom stick through a window. He hissed at me and made a terrible face. I've hated possums ever since.

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