Friday, March 13, 2009

My beautiful, pristine Blueprint has arrived! All 8 of them. I love it! Now I'm auctioning off my other wrinkly, not so nice 7, on ebay. I'm totally satisfied with the ordering process and the result. They arrived on Thursday in a flimsy envelope. Shipping said $15.50 on the envelope! But I got everything for just $20. Yay!

On another note, check out this beauty:
I bought it for a reaaaalllly good price at a vintage sale last week. It's lovely, but seeing as how I am unemployed and have a house full of stuff and my sister might be moving in as well, it's probably a sound idea to sell it. Check it out on my etsy. I'll probably be putting it on ebay soon. It's priced the way it is, because of the research I've done. Check out three potato four. They're selling them for $550! Buy this one, shell out $100 to have it restored and save yourself $100. And come on, it's pink for god's sake!

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